Detoxification is optimal in the Spring when new blood is formed in the body and again at the start of Fall as a kind of pre-winter clean out to encourage strength and immune function. As summer winds down and we look to fall, I encourage you to try one of our delicious and efficacious DeTox teas!

Our traditional Detox tea is a one-of-a-kind blend that is purposely formulated with traditionally used detoxifying herbs and botanicals, including Dandelion Root in combination with Burdock, Juniper Berries and Sarsaparilla. One of the oldest and most widely used traditional detoxifying herbs, Dandelion Rootsupports liver function, promoting cleansing of the blood and filtering of impurities from our bodies. We then added Burdock Root, Juniper Berries and Sarsaparilla Root which in addition to enhancing liver function, have been traditionally used to help stimulate kidney and urinary functions to help remove the impurities from our bodies.

Yogi Tea Detox