A cooling and soothing gel to provide relief to areas of inflammation. Provides a protective barrier to help prevent further damage. Great as an after-sun application, and provides a smooth makeup base.

Relieves irritation and discomfort from stressed skin
Aids skin repair
Purifies the skin surface
Provides superior hydration to replace moisture loss
Health & Environmental Considerations

Made from 100% plant based ingredients
Packaged in recyclable plastic
Contains NO caustic alkalis, petroleum by-products, SLS, artificial colours & fragrances, EDTA, parabens or formaldehyde

Tri Nature Recovery Gel

  • Purified water, Cyclomethicone and dimethiconal (silica), Glycerin, Cetearyl glucoside and cetearyl alcohol (palm), Green tea extract, Sorbitan olivate (olive), Aloe vera, Bentonite clay, Chamomile extract, D-panthenol, Allantoin, Potassium sorbate, Sodium hydroxide, Certified organic 100% essential oil blend.