A fresh and soothing alcohol free spritz to tone your skin after cleansing. This facial tonic will revitalise your skin, ensuring maximum uptake of your Kyphi Skin Moisturiser. It will leave your skin feeling calm, clean, and refreshed. Can be used as a freshening spritz throughout the day - a must have for your handbag to rehydrate the skin when under stress from elements such as air conditioning.

Contains plant-based skin brightening properties
Soothes and calms inflammed and irritated skins
Contains extracts rich in silica to promote skin strength and elasticity
Convenient for travel
Health & Environmental Considerations
Made from 100% plant based ingredients
Packaged in recyclable plastic
Contains NO caustic alkalis, petroleum by-products, SLS, artificial colours & fragrances, EDTA, parabens or formaldehyde

Tri Nature Purifying Facial Tonic

  • Purified water, Witch hazel distillate, Gglycerin, Sorbitan olivate (olive), Bearberry (uva-ursi) extract, Aloe vera, Phyto- squalene (olive), Papain, Allantoin, D-panthenol, Extracts of Yarrow, Coltsfoot, White birch, Rosemary, Nettle, Sage and Horsetail, Dimethicone (silica), Potassium sorbate, Menthol, Certified organic 100% essential oil blend.