A soothing and refreshing solution that will gently cleanse and rehydrate the eye area.

Contains plant based skin brighteners
Assists in reducing puffiness around the eye area
Helps to rehabilitate damaged capillaries
Health & Environmental considerations
Made from 100% plant based ingredients
Packaged in recyclable plastic
Contains NO caustic alkalis, petroleum by-products, SLS, artificial colours & fragrances, EDTA, parabens or formaldehyde

Tri Nature Eye Makeup Remover

  • Purified water, Rose water, Sucrose cocoate (sugar cane/coco), Cetearyl glucoside and cetearyl alcohol (palm), Glycerin, Bearberry (uva-ursi) extract, Ethyl alcohol (sugar cane), Sorbitan olivate (olive), Lauryl glucoside (coco), Cucumber extract, D-panthenol, Potassium sorbate.