One sunshiny day, a naturally ambitious tribe
gathered to craft a raw honey oh so pure.

With the help of nature’s wild eucalypt nectar and
itsy bitsy honeybees, The Whole Foodies bottled a
golden, flowing, natural love – Oh Honey!

It’s an oh so raw and oh so yum,
wild harvested Australian honey!


Here is some information about our honey;


From where is the honey sourced?...

The majority is from forests or heavily treed private land mostly Queensland and Northern NSW (at lower yielding times can also be sourced from further south)


How is it produced you ask? ...

Our migratory beekeepers move into forests of flowering eucalypts. The “supers” (part of the hive where bees store honey) when full are taken to the extracting plant where the honey is spun out of the frames and put into 1.5 tonne containers.

Types of bees that make our delightful golden elixir?...

European honey bees that were first introduced into Australia in 1822 on board the ship "Isabella"


Exactly what are you meaning when you say raw? …

The honey is still technically "raw" under "raw food" standards - as it is gently warmed to no higher than 40-45°C


You'd asked if the honey has been heated? …

Natural honey will candy (granulate), so to allow the honey to be packed, it is gently warmed to no higher than 40-45°C


Nothing added you ask?...

It is pure 100% Australian eucalypt honey, with nothing added (we do however, send our love and good vibes into each and every bottle)

The Whole Foodies Raw Honey 1kg