Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

There’s No Nasty Additives In This #naturalfuel

Key points:

  • Certified Organic,
  • Dairy Free,
  • Low Fat,
  • Gluten Free

Perfect for: Lean, Shape, Recover, Build

Product points:

  • Assists With Muscle Recovery & Repair,
  • High Protein,
  • Rich In BCAAs,
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile,
  • No Added Sugar,
  • Easy To Digest,
  • GMO Free, Soy Free,
  • Gluten Free,
  • Wheat Free,
  • Low Carb,
  • Heavy Metal Tested,
  • Low Heat Processed,
  • Hypo Allergenic

Protein Supplies Australia RicePro (Wholegrain Brown Rice) 1kg

  • Easy to digest and offering a slower absorption into the body than traditional whey-based proteins, Rice Pro is an ideal alternative for anyone seeking a dairy-free, fat-free and low-carb protein source.

    Crafted from Certified Organic GMO-free whole grain brown rice this hypo-allergenic protein concentrate is created without commonly used chemicals (such as hexane) and is free from lactose, soy, gluten & wheat.

    A delicate process of sprouting and fermenting at low-heat has eliminated the risk of damaging the sensitive proteins (denaturation) and delivered a nutritionally superior supplement.

    Unlike many plant-based proteins Rice Pro is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 9 essential amino acids. With a silky texture, Rice Pro is a pure and perfect protein for smoothies, shakes or cooking as well as your post-workout recovery which won’t leave you feeling bloated or heavy afterwards. Sourced from certified organic farms around the world. Every batch is tested for heavy metals & impurities and is Quality Assured.