Chocolate or Vanilla? Why settle for one or the other when you can have both, add in some more superfoods like Camu Camu, Mesquite, Lacuma and Inulin and the addition of Ceylon Cinnamon, you have a superb blend to boost your smoothies and shakes.


The All Star Organic Line Up
LUCUMA was known as Gold of the Incas. It is known for its delicious flavour, almost like a mango crossed with an apricot. It is packed with 14 essential trace elements, high in iron and beta-carotene. 


MESQUITE pods are ground into a heavenly caramel tasting powder that is extremely low GI and a natural sweetness. Mesquite is loaded with amino acids, magnesium, potassium, iron, Lysine, zinc, calcium, 30% protein and Omega 3s


CRIOLLA CACAO is considered to be the king of cacao due to it's ancient origin and superior source of magnesium and antioxidants. The tree, (Theobroma), literally translates to “food of the gods”. Our non-alkalized cacao ensures the purest, non chemically modified, superior grade which retains nutrient value.  


CAMU CAMU is so super that saying it once is not enough. It has the highest levels of natural Vitamin C than any other food, half a teaspoon gives you 400% RDI. High in carotenoids and amino acids. It has quite the zingy flavour. 


The Blend also contains organic : Cinnamon, Natural Vanilla, Inulin from Jerusalem Artichokes




The Collagen - collagen is present in skin, joints, bones, muscle and connective tissue. We place considerable strain on our joints and bones through numerous sporting activities such as running, cycling, crossfit, weight lifting etc and need to ensure that we have a balanced diet to rebuild all the tissues and repair muscles from training.

We have selected a bovine collagen, sourced from Uruguay, Paraguay and/or Argentina (depending on availability). Cattle from these countries are grass fed.


Pete Evans Collagen SuperBlend - 454g