A blend of Advanced Marine Collagen with Organic Fruits & Vegetables.

Pete had 2 key requirements, load it up with the best fruits and vegetables and make the taste subtle so that people can add it to their existing lifestyle seamlessly - Well, we delivered on the challenge and as a bonus created a little wow factor with the light green powder turning purple when you add water to it.


The Marine Collagen

We do not skimp on quality and have selected what is arguably the best marine collagen. Sourced from the pristine arctic and North Atlantic waters, we use Cod skin which is considered a premium source of collagen and has no overpowering odour or taste at all. 

On its own, the marine collagen has:

  • ~95% Protein
  • No Carbs, No Fat, No Sugar
  • 100% Water soluble
  • Preservative free

It is Type I Collagen, which is what our skin is made of. Collagen is present in skin, joints, bones, muscle and connective tissue.


We place considerable strain on our joints and bones through numerous sporting activities such as running, cycling, crossfit, weight lifting etc and need to ensure that we have a balanced diet to rebuild all the tissues and repair muscles from training.


The Organic Fruits and Vegetables

A beautiful blend of certified organic fruits and vegetables. It is a light green powder however turns a beautiful hue of purple when mixed in water. It has a very subtle berry flavour which makes it perfect for adding to your existing smoothie routine, juice or just plain water.

Contains a blend of Certified Organic : Beetroot juice, Carrot juice, Kale leaf, Spinach leaf, Acai fruit juice, Apple juice, Grape juice, Broccoli sprouts, Baobab fruit powder, Jerusalem Artichoke, (Inulin).

Pete Evans Collagen SuperBlend - 300g