Peruvian SuperBlend - 500g


We have often heard the term “food is medicine” and the Peruvians take this to a whole new level when you consider their foods are some of the most powerful foods on the planet. The best part is, these foods are not only packed with nutrients, they have the most phenomenal flavours.


Gelpro have carefully blended 5 Organic Peruvian superfoods to deliver exotic flavours derived 100% from plants, with no added sugar and with minimal to no processing at all. This ensures their super nutrient properties are retained.


Why on earth would we create a boring vanilla or coconut flavoured Peptipro when we can give you this “chocolatey, caramel with hints of maple & sweet potato, finished with a zing” as one of our lucky taste testing customers put it.


Here is the Peruvian SuperBlend all star line up..
LUCUMA was known as Gold of the Incas. It is known for its delicious flavour, almost like a mango crossed with an apricot. It is packed with 14 essential trace elements, high in iron and beta-carotene. 

MESQUITE pods are ground into a heavenly caramel tasting powder that is extremely low GI and a natural sweetness. Mesquite is loaded with amino acids, magnesium, potassium, iron, Lysine, zinc, calcium, 30% protein and Omega 3s.


CRIOLLA CACAO is considered to be the king of cacao due to it's ancient origin and superior source of magnesium and antioxidants. The tree, (Theobroma), literally translates to “food of the gods”. Our non-alkalized cacao ensures the purest, non chemically modified, superior grade which retains nutrient value. Rich in Vitamin A, Bs, C, E, Magnesium, Copper, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc Iron, Chromium, Phosphorus, Omega 6 Fatty Acids, amino acids, Enzymes (including catalase, lipase and amylase) & Phytonutrients. 


MACA ROOT grows high in the Andes mountains and has been used for thousands of years. It has a gentle nutty flavour and packed with 20 amino acids and too many minerals and nutrients to list.


CAMU CAMU is so super that saying it once is not enough. It has the highest levels of natural Vitamin C than any other food, half a teaspoon gives you 400% RDI. High in carotenoids and amino acids. It has quite the zingy flavour.

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate Peruvian SuperBlend - 500g