I know there’s quite a few people who struggle to keep their floors clean… Our MOP is TOTALLY worth seeing in action!! Not only is it super light and easy to use, but it does for our floors what our enviro cloth does for our surfaces! AND NO MORE SORE BACKS!!
It’s an easy & simple way to clean your floors, the mop system requires no heavy bucket so this job actually gets done a lot more often in your house because it's SO easy! I am blown away with his product - Clean, residue-free & streak free floors with just water from the tap.
LOVE that it leaves the floors streak free too! (I used to have to go around after I’d mopped with a towel, to dry off and make sure there were no water marks…)
This is totally my can’t-live-without Norwex item!!
And the best news is… Norwex have bundled our mop products together as a kit, so you can buy them that way and save 10%.

Norwex Mop Kit