Specially designed microfiber woven with nylon for extra scrubbing power, yet safe to use on all non-stick surfaces as it’s NON-SCRATCHING!
The Kitchen scrub cloth has numerous uses in the KITCHEN. Is an ideal scourer for washing up pots & pans (and because it doesn’t scratch it’s safe to use on all your non-stick cookware), cleaning stove tops – gas or electric (great for removing baked on residue) & scrubbing sinks or bench tops when they need that extra lift.
This scrub cloth is the FANTASTIC in the BATHROOM. Amazing on soap scum buildup on shower screens, shower bases, bath tubs and any hard-to-clean surface that require a little extra scrubbing power. For really tough or stubborn build-up use with Norwex Blue Diamond, Descaler or Cleaning Paste to bring your bathroom back to life.

Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth