The go to cleaner for the tough stuff! I can't stress enough how good this stuff is!
The elbow grease when you need it!! Toaster or kettle lost that shine?
Kitchen sink need a spruce up? Hard to remove stains on countertops and cabinetry? Finding it hard to clean that tough, baked-on grunge on your stove-tops?
The Cleaning paste has you covered - A MUST have for any home! It is such a versatile product! It is awesome for cleaning in the bathroom and helping cut through shower scum too, if it’s been ‘growing’ there for a while!! Made from four natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce!
This product even works wonders on surface rust and because it’s made with all natural ingredients, it’s safe to use with any food prep surface, including coffee pots and inside kettles. Even removes dirt from grout!
Hugely economical, this product is likely to last you between 18 months and 2 years in domestic use!

Norwex Cleaning Paste


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