Our SUGAR FREE chewing gum is REAL!

Made from Natural Chicle, a sustainably harvested natural sap from the Mexican sapodilla tree.


There are NO NASTIES!

NO artificial colours

NO artificial flavours

NO artificial preservatives

NO petro-chemical bases (aka plastics - yuk!)

So all you are chewing on is 100% NATURAL HONEST GUM!


12 pieces per packet 


Did you know?

Commercial gum companies can hide up to 80 synthetic ingredients in the term 'gum base' without listing them on the packet!


Gluten free, Vegan, Wheat free, Dairy free, Yeast free and Nut free.


Most chewing gums that are white contain Titanium Dioxide, it is often used as a colour agent and it is potentially a Carcinogenic. It has been linked to cancer, asthma, autoimmune disorders and Chrone's disease, so we thought we would leave this ingredient out.


There are NO Nasty Synthetics added in our gum! Pheww!

Here are a few ingredients found in chewing gum brands today;


BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) 

So toxic! It is usually used as a preservative. Has been linked to cancer, hyperactivity in children, organ system toxicity including kidney & liver damage.


Talc is produced from magnesium trisilicate, which in its natural form contains asbestos, a known carcinogenic.


Yes, it's plastic. it provides great elasticity to blow bubbles but those super bubbles are super toxic, It's no wonder why they tell you not to swallow chewing gum!


A synthetic sugar alcohol found in most chewing gums, toothpastes and even ice cream. Symptoms include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, dehydration, damaged nerves and cataracts.


A horrible artificial sweetener found in many chewing gums and soft drinks. It's been linked to birth defects, cancers, brain tumors, seizures and weight gain.


We pride ourselves to be 100% Natural and 100% Honest

Honest Gum 100% Natural Sugar Free Chewing Gum

  • Natural Chicle Gum Base, Xylitol, Stevia, Candelilla Wax, Gum Arabic, Guar Gum, Glycerin (from Vegetable), Lecithin, Natural Citrus, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Mint.

    Gluten free, Vegan, Wheat free, Dairy free, Yeast free and Nut free.