A surprisingly beautiful way to travel.The ultimate 7-in-1 natural skincare essentials. For everyone who wants to arrive looking and feeling better than when they set out, these Black Chicken Remedies face and body products will keep you feeling fabulous from head to toe. Whether you’re crossing the globe or crossing the city, you’ll love the mind and body benefits of our Travel Skincare Kit.


A great way to try all Black Chicken remedies have to offer
5ml Cleanse my face – purifying oil cleanser
5ml Love Your Body oil – deeply nourishing and hydrating
5ml Love Your Face Serum – anti ageing hydration booster
15g Balm of Ages – all purpose remedy
15g Axilla Deodorant Paste™ – chemical free deodorant that works
5g Complexion Polish – gentle exfoliator
All in a handy black carry bag!

Black Chicken Travel Skin Care Kit