Remedial helpers, anytime anywhere.

Once you’ve tried this Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler, you’re going to wonder how you lived without them! They’re little pocket diffusers you can take anywhere with you, refillable, and full of potent, targeted all natural goodness. Each one focuses on a different area of wellbeing, harnessing the channels of the olfactory system to deeply affect brain and body systems. Small and inexpensive, they slip easily into a pocket, purse or travel bag. Together with a bottle of one of our remedial Essential Oil Blends, they make the perfect gift! A blend of pure healing essential oils specially chosen to reduce nervous tension and anxiety, promoting deep relaxation and comforting tranquillity before sleep. 


Inhale relaxation.Exhale frustration.

Black Chicken Remedies Slumber Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler (0.5ml)

  • Cedarwood – used by the ancient Egyptians, the warm woody aroma works to decrease irritability and calm nerves to prepare you for relaxation.

    Bergamot – the fresh sweet citrus properties in this oil help to release hormones like dopamine and serotonin inducing feelings of relaxation and sedation.

    Cinnamon – this remarkably potent spice has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. It’s distinct musky warmth aids in stimulating blood circulation, working to clear the system of toxins.

    Vetiver – with its immune-supporting properties, its smoky caramel aroma has a calm and grounding effect creating the ideal environment for deep sleep.

    Marjoram – is widely used as an analgesic for reducing pain and inflammation. It’s aromatic oil properties calm the nervous system and have a positive effect on the mind.