You might be wondering why this Cacao Revelation Mask isn’t wet. Well there’s a very good reason. It’s long been known that the properties in dry ingredients become activated when in contact with water. The same principle applies to our facemask. By keeping the ancient therapeutic properties of Cacao, White Kaolin Clay and many more in a dry state they’ll only become active when you’re ready to use them. Keeping them fresh and ready to go. Quite the revelation huh?

• Draws impurities from pores

• Evens skin tone

• Stimulates blood circulation

• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

• Reduces inflammation

• Smooths and refines complexion

• Treats acne and problem skin  

Black Chicken Remedies Cacao Revelation Mask (50g)

  • Raw Organic Cacao* – packed with antioxidants to repair skin and reduce inflammation, promoting healthy cell growth.

    Pink Kaolin Clay – gently stimulates circulation and draws oil from pores.

    White Kaolin Clay – rich in calcium, silica, magnesium and zinc. Draws oil from pores.

    Aloe Vera Powder* – High in Antioxidants, Vitamin C and minerals that heal the skin

    Green Tea – restores moisture to the skin.

    Olive Leaf – stimulates collagen production and heals the skin.

    Myrrh gum powder – reduces wrinkles, regenerates cells and reduces inflammation.

    *Certified organic ingredients

    Safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding