The Recovery Flakes contains a mixture of our famous Amazing Magnesium Flakes with the added benefits of wintergreen and menthol.  Debuted at 2016 World Ironman Competition!  


Ensure the bag is sealed between uses to avoid moisture.


With a hot bath...perfect for relaxation after workouts. Find out why everyone from triathletes to bodybuilders to gym-bunnies call this Amazing!

*Tip - ​Each p​a​ck will ​provide you with 16 luxurious soaks, or 40+ foot baths​.

​We recommend 2-3 baths per week in conjunction with daily use of your Magnesium Spray or Gel.​  Also excellent​ ​ to use before bed.

Amazing Oils Recovery Magnesium Bath Flakes 2kg

  • Add a handful of flakes (1/2 cup) to the bath post-workout.

    Shake the bag to ensure a good mix of ingredients.

  • Pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride​ flakes​, from the pristine salt lakes of Australia​