Frequently asked questions

Q.    How do I order?

You are able to order any of the products off our website whenever you like. However, we recommend to look at when our orders are open on our Calendar as that will determine when the products will arrive for delivery. If you order something that is not on the Calendar for open orders, it will arrive according to it’s date on the calendar.  


Q.    What happens with the calendar?

We have set dates for brands being ordered. You will find these under our Calendar. We recommend you subscribe to our VIP service where you will receive regular emails from us to advise on orders which are opening. If you are on Facebook, please feel free to join our community group as this is a great way to be kept up-to-date with open orders.

Q.    I can see an option for delivery at checkout, but what if I want to pick it up from your warehouse?

If you live close to us or would like to collect from Lilydale, Frankston or Drouin, please enter PICKUP in the coupon code. This will give you free freight and you can collect from us. Please note your order is left at the front door at the pickup locations and will be at your own risk if they are taken. You have one week to collect from a pickup location. We are hoping to add more pickup locations in the future so we welcome your suggestions or please reach out to us of you'd like to be one of our locations. 

Q.    How do I view all the products from within one brand?

Our website is set into shopping aisles according to category i.e., bathroom, kitchen, makeup etc. If you wish to view all the products of one specific brand, please use the search function and this will show you all of those products. You can then easily click on the product you want and add to cart.